Marcella Jost (2 year customer)

Friendly Staff, Clean beds (ready), Sunscape (L4) works great and quick, Great location!


Kay Inman (3 year customer)

Real nice girls. Helpful, never bug me. Always clean beds. Always referring friends. I just like everything!


Victoria Rice - Tanner for life.

Totally Tan has remained consistant during my ten and ½ years tanning with them. The workers always know you by name; treat you more like a friend! Both salons are always immaculate. Joe and Peggy make sure the beds are maintained with all bulbs lighting up each session. I can always count on a variety of tanning lotions and an array of the hottest items. ( ie sparkly eyeshawdow, smile brightening kits and ect.) Last year I moved from Tulsa to Catoosa, and thought I'd have to settle for another salon. Thankfully, there is a 2nd TT in Broken Arrow, so I use it if I'm in Catoosa or I use the Tulsa Salon if I'm closer to it some days. I've tired a few others in my 10.5 yrs.- but NO SALON comes close to the quality of Totally Tan 1 and 2.


Racy Bennent

I enjoy using Totally Tan. It's a very nice, clean facility and the staff is wonderful- always greet you with a smile and eager to help you!


Phylis Melson

The girls that work here are very good and helpful. The owners are very nice. I know because I have been coming here for 17 years.


Cathy Wray

I have tanned at Totally Tan for the past two years and have been very impressed with the facility. A great staff, who are well informed regarding any question that I have had. In addition, a very clean environment, which is of utmost importance to me!


Mark Tiernan (dmd)

I have really enjoyed being a customer at Totally Tan. Everyone is so friendly and everything is always so clean! I just bought another large package of tanning and enjoy being able to make an appointment so easily, being able to come in and just relax.Plus being able to leave with a nice healthy glow. I feel so much better! Thank you, Totally Tan.


Pam Tiernan

A customer for many years, I continue to be impressed with the warmth and excellence of the staff. The Facility, itself, is always spotless and Joe and Peggy, you're the best! My Vitamin D level came back into normal range when I started trying out the level one beds. I still love the ULTRABRONZ beds for the prettiest tan though.


Stephanie Lloyd

I have been a customer for 10 years. I do not live close but I love this place. I would drive 10 miles and more to come and tan at Totally Tan. The beds are all always clean but I think the thing that impresses me the most and keeps me coming back is the staff, most friendly and always informative. Brightens my day just coming in here.

Thank you Totally Tan to always bringing sunshine in my life.


Linda Holland, Coweta

I have been tanning at Totally Tan since 2002. Very clean, nice set up and Great Staff; I am always impressed they know my name and I only come about once a week. Keep up the good work!!


Bill Meanwell

I have been coming to Totally Tan since December 2005. I think "quality" when asked to express my thoughts.
Quality of service, staff owner, beds, rooms.
I've tanned all over the US and Totally Tan is, and always will, be my tanning destination.
Keep up the good work.


Kathy Haws

I have been tanning here for about 4 years and it gets better every year. The salon is always clean and the staff is always friendly and helpful. I will keep coming here as long as the salon stays here.
P.S. Joe and Peggy are the best. I will never change salons.


Cindi Horne

VIP program is GREAT and the price is right.
All the employees are lovely and very friendly.
Feels like family!


Bill Stoutley
Vice President Nu-Skin Enterprises

Although I have only been in Tulsa for 6 months, I have been a Totally Tan customer for 4 of those months. I have traveled all over the world and experienced a number of tanning salons over the years.

I find Totally Tan to be one of the most reasonably priced salons I have ever been too. Their cleanliness and attention to customer service, I find second to none. I highly recommend not only the salon, but most importantly their friendly an helpful staff!!
Great Job Totally Tan
5 Star Recommendation


Devina Young

The salon is one of the highest class in the area. I tan on the level 4 bed. It is awesome.


Rachel Henderson

I absolutely love Totally Tan! Their facilities are always so clean and the staff is very polite and always willing to help with any questions I may have. I would recommend Totally Tan to anyone.


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