At Totally Tan we offer a variety of tanning products for men and women to enhance your tan. Whether you're a beginning tanner or a long time tanner, we've got the products and the knowledge to help you get the most from your tanning session.

Using a good quality lotion definitely helps you get darker faster.  At Totally Tan we have a wide range of prices for everyone’s budget.

All tanning lotions are a bottle of skin care products.  The cost of the lotion directly relates to the quality of skin care products used.  To the skin care products an accelerator is added, which is usually L-Tyrosine.  You will not always see this ingredient on the label because the lotion companies like to call it some type of "complex". An accelerator can also be known as an amplifier or intensifier.  The accelerator is what increases your tanning ability.

A bronzer can be added to the accelerator.  Again the quality of bronzer is reflected in the price.  Most lotions have many bronzers added to the one bottle.  A topical bronzer makes to look darker but will wash off when you shower.  When using a DHA, which is the longer lasting bronzer you should wait about 4 hours before showering.  The color takes about 24 hours to fully develop. 

Tingle products are usually loved or hated.  Rarely is there any in between.  A Tingle product definitely makes you darker.  Niacin is the ingredient that is added to the accelerator to make your skin tingle or sting and turn red; this last about 20 minutes with most people.  The niacin is speeding up your blood flow, which causes you to tan darker.  The tingle or stinging lessens with each use---as your skin gets used to it. A person with fair skin should NOT use a tingle until they have a good base tan.

Tanning can cause your skin to dehydrate, which can lead to wrinkling.  By using a good lotion you keep your skin moist while tanning which prevent is from dehydrating.  You should always apply your lotion right before getting into the bed.  When you put your lotion on ahead of time it will have already penetrated your skin and your skin will not be moist while tanning.  Also when you apply your lotion ahead of time, your clothes wipe off a portion of the lotion decreasing its effectiveness.

At Totally Tan we will store your lotion for you so you don’t have to remember to bring it.  This is just one of the services we offer to our customers.


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